Federal 37mm Riot Gun

The federal 37mm Riot Gun is a short-barrelled less-lethal weapon generally used for firing inaccurately into crowds. It’s most commonly seen firing tear gas, but it also used to fire impact baton rounds. Like the tear gas, impact batons break up in-flight and release submunitions in a starburst-pattern. It can also

Remington 870

It seems nearly every police officer deployed to the frontlines either has a riot gun or shotgun now. There appears to have been a new order of guns made after July, because after that the model with an orange pump and labeled Less Lethal on the stock was seen everywhere. It fires 12 guage ammunition. As the longest barrel less-lethal gun HKPF uses, it’s used for more accurate shows at…

Flashbang Grenade

There are two known cases of HKPF using flashbang grenades. Once at PolyU on November 17th, and then 20 meters from the crush during the Yau Ma Tei Stampede on November 18th. The one used in Yau Ma Tei was a 9 Flash-Bang, whereas the one used at PolyU was a single flash. Immediately after the previous clip ends, footage of the big crush in the YMT Exit A1 alley…

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000

HKPF has six Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000 tactical vehicles custom build for riot control. According to SCMP, they were “modified in France by a company specialising in heavy-duty, blast-proof armour plating.” The exteriors are also electrified to prevent people outside from entering. They were purchased for HK$5m each in 2010. They were deployed on November 17th at Polytechnic University with an LRAD used offensively, despite HKPF telling LegCo they were only…

Singaporean Police P4.1

Sometimes confused for a ‘real’ gun. Read more here.


SDU Assault uses a highly customized AR platform Mk 18-style short barrel rifle with very modern accessories designed for close combat operations.   New videos of a HKPF Special Duties Unit (SDU) Assault Team A breaching the entrance of PolyU with assault rifles in the early hours of November 18th have emerged. We're now attempting to timestamp the footage, locate the scene, and sync with other videos from the same…


HKPF has a handful of Vietnam-era M-16A1 rifles. This is the only fully automatic version. They were replaced for being too unreliable and jamming during combat use. Cop carrying an M-16 into Hong Kong MTR station underneath IFC Mall tonight. pic.twitter.com/a8rJ2hHFy3 — dr. trey (@Comparativist) September 28, 2019

Bean Bags

The MP-4-BB Ballistic Bag Round is designed to be direct fired at violent subjects. It can be effective in disarming and disabling subjects who may be a danger to themselves. They can also be used in crowd control situations for disabling instigators. The ballistic bean bag is tail stabilized to provide long range accuracy.    

Impact Batons

MP-40-R3 The MP-40-R3 Hard Rubber Baton Projectile is an effective tool for the dispersal of crowds at long ranges. The round contains 3 hard rubber batons that are skip-fired toward the subjects. The projectile is also effective in tactical situations for distraction purposes. MP-40-F3 The MP-40-F3 Foam Baton Projectile is an effective tool for the dispersal of crowds at medium ranges. The round contains 3 foam batons that are designed…

HKPF Weapons